William's work was recently shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and has been accepted for display at London's Llewellyn Alexander Gallery.

Commissions undertaken, specialising in country and house illustrations and landscapes from £200. Limited edition (one of 25) hand signed prints from £25. Please email for details: williamhobday@gmail.com, or call me on 07811 252 801.

I think that Bill's love of the English Countryside shines though in his exquisite attention to detail. The amazing amount of work that goes into each drawing to bring the imagery to life is a swift cure for occasional bouts of homesickness.
Barbara Smock
Wow! Huge amount of work involved and he certainly enjoys/has control of extremely detailed work. I hope he sells like crazy. Very nice drawings - made even better with the dashes of colour.
Barbara, Arkansas
Hi Bill! Everyone loves the picture! When I showed grandma she recognised it immediately! Thanks again.
These are incredible! Having sold from a Gallery for a number of years I can tell you that this man will become famous. Just check his close picture of trees bark, try drawing yourself, then appreciate his skill. Unique.
Anthony Harris, Sculptor and artist
I love William's work. The drawing he did of our garden full of vivid detail and atmosphere. He captures the essence of the subject while bringing his own unique perspective to it. His enthusiasm and energy are inspiring!
Frances Wilkinson
I like his work. It is very detailed and meticulously drawn. In general I like the whole effect of his work.
Stephen Auslender, Ph.D. New York University in Creative Arts
William captured our home, not just our house. His skilled drawing was technically perfect and artistically inspiring. A hidden talent. William draws with profound feeling.
Sylvia Meli